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HideMemberIf with SSAS store proc

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Dec 24, 2010 at 4:56 AM


I am trying to Hide unique child members on a set when displaying the set on a row axes

The HideMemberIf property of user defined hierarchy levels depends on the ability of the client application to implement the logic. And actualily the one I use does not have this feature available..

So I created a .net function with adomd server assembly as following :


public Set HideUniqueChildren(Set dataselection)
      if (dataselection == null)
        return null;

      if (dataselection.Tuples.Count == 0)
        return dataselection;

      // use this function with set dimensionality of 1
      if (dataselection.Hierarchies.Count != 1)
        return dataselection;

      SetBuilder sb = new SetBuilder();
      foreach (Tuple t in dataselection.Tuples)
        if (t.Members.Count > 0)
          Member member = t.Members[0];
          if (member.Parent != null)
            Member parent = member.Parent;
            if (parent.GetChildren() != null && parent.GetChildren().Count != 1)
      return sb.ToSet();


I would like to use the same logic but on the fact that a member has the same caption of his parent & in a second time, i would like to use this function with a crossjoin of attributes that belongs to the same dimension

I am newbe in .net & I would really appriciate some kind of advices to help doing this

thanks a lot