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Drill through action not available when multiple members from dimension is selected

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Jun 2, 2015 at 12:11 PM

I have not used this project for very long, so this might have been answered previously. I am using the GetCustomDrillthroughMDX function like this:

"NAME([$Ledger Actual Detail].[Ledger Actual Document Number]) as [Document Number]
,NAME([$Ledger Actual Detail].[Ledger Actual Document Description]) as [Document Description]
,NAME([$Calendar].[Date]) as [Posting Date]
,NAME([$CODA Account].[CODA Main Account]) as [CODA Main Account]
,NAME([$CODA Account].[CODA Nominel Account]) as [CODA Nominel Account]
,NAME([$Cost Center].[Cost Center]) as [Cost Center]
,NAME([$Customer].[Customer]) as [Customer]
,NAME([$IFS Account].[IFS Account]) as [IFS Account]
,NAME([$Legal Entity].[Legal Entity]) as [Legal Entity]
,NAME([$Project].[Project]) as [Project]
,NAME([$Supplier].[Supplier]) as [Supplier]
,NAME([$Unit].[Unit Name]) as [Unit]
,NAME([$Source System].[Source System]) as [Source System]
,NAME([$Document Currency].[Currency]) as [Document Currency]
,[Actual].[Actual Document Currency Amount] as [Actual Document Currency Amount]
,[Actual].[Actual Company Currency Amount] as [Actual Company Currency Amount]
,[Actual].[Actual USD Amount] as [Actual USD Amount]
,[Actual].[Actual USD Amount at Target Rate] as [Actual USD Amount at Target Rate]"

with a Condition:

[Measures].currentmember is [Measures].[Value] and [Scenario].[Scenario].currentmember is [Scenario].[Scenario].&[Actual]

This works fine, but once a user, in Excel select for example 2 years as a multiselect, then the drill through action disappears. When only selecting a single year, it works as planned. What am I doing wrong?

Jun 2, 2015 at 12:20 PM
Sorry, i did not read the notes properly. This is by design. Please disregard this thread
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