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This class has a number of functions that have all evolved around sending XML/A Discover and Execute commands to the server.
  • Discover - allows for the display of metadata using Discover XML/A commands
  • DiscoverXmlMetadata - extracts a tabular dataset from the DISCOVER_XML_METADATA request
  • ClearCache - clears the cache, useful for performance testing
  • Cancel - cancels sessions, connections and SPIDs
  • DMV - allows for the execution of DMV select statements similar to what can be executed against SSAS 2008
  • DiscoverSingleValue - returns the value from one column of Discover, DiscoverXmlMetadata, or DMV functions
  • ForEach - the ForEachMeasureGroup and ForEachPartition functions loop across each object, run a command, then union the resultsets together

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