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ASSP.Parallel crashes SSAS


SanjoySa Today at 1:29 AM
HI, When I am using the MDX (ASSP.ParallelUnion) at , it is stopping the AS Service (AS2012). Any help on this. I am not able to use this ASSP.


dgosbell wrote Jan 24, 2014 at 10:46 PM

We would need more information in order to see if there is any way we can fix this.

What version of SSAS? Is it RTM or SP1? Are any CUs applied?
Are there any errors in the either the windows error log or in the SSAS logs?
What is the exact behaviour - does it crash immediately or does it run for a few minutes then crash?
What is the server performance like at the time of the crash - is the memory maxed out?
Can you post a query that reproduces this issue against the Adventure Works sample database?
What is the size of the set returned from the Union?
Does the normal MDX Union function work?