Custom DrillThrough Error - Truncating MDX Query?


I've tried implementing this in our cube and have run into an issue. The action expression is very simple:

ASSP.GetCustomDrillthroughMDX(" NAME([$Paid Date].[Date]) as [PaidDate]")

When I try to run the drillthrough in Excel I get an error that states the following:
Parser: The following syntax error occured during parsing: Invalid token, line 703, Offset 2, [.

I ran a trace using SQL Profiler and saw that the mdx being executed was as follows:
drillthrough select ([Adjusted Date].[Date].[All]
,[Adjusted Date].[Day Name].[All]
,[Adjusted Date].[Day of Month].[All]
... ***all remaining dimension attributes get listed
,[Payee Provider].[Provider Primary City Name].[All]

It ends with the ",[". It appears that the mdx script gets truncated at 32,768 bytes

We need to improve the logic in ASSP to avoid listing every dimension attribute if not necessary so that the query length of the rowset action fits within the 32,768 byte limit.


dgosbell wrote Jul 9, 2014 at 10:40 PM

Should see if the code in FindCurrentTuple will help as that does not output members when they are the default member for that attribute.

wrote May 4 at 2:07 PM