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GetCustomDrillthroughMDX seems to work differently in 2016


I have an SSAS database in SQL 2012 that I have used GetCustomDrillthroughMDX for a very long time to drill through on calculated measures. I have moved it to a SQL 2016 server and installed the 2016 version of ASSP and now I am getting an error that says "You cannot drill through if the cell in a select clause is a calculated cell." What would cause this behavior to change?


dgosbell wrote Apr 18 at 6:01 AM

We don't actually have that text as an error message in ASSP so this must be coming from SSAS itself. If this is an identical database just upgraded to 2016 it must be a change Microsoft made. Are you able to reproduce this issue on Adventure Works?

davemartz506 wrote Apr 20 at 2:47 PM

Thanks for your response. I haven't had a chance to test this with Adventure Works yet. I swear it was working before, and seems to be working fine with calculated measures on another database.