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General SSAS SP Question

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Sep 10, 2008 at 11:28 PM
Sorry for asking a general question on SSAS SPs. I am asking here because I feel people here might be more knowledgeable about the subject of SSAS stored procedures.

I am writing a SSAS stored procedure where I have built two ADOMDServer.Set one contains all the members from customer dimension {[Customer].[Customer].[Customer].Members} and the other Set contains {[Division].[Division].&[2]}

The customer and the division dimensions have a many to many relationship defined and are linked via an intermediate measure group.

In SSMS, when I hit the query

Select {exists({[Customer].[Customer].[Customer].Members}, {[Division].[Division].&[2]}, "CustomerDivisionIMG")} on 0 from [Demo]

It returns me all the customers who belong to the specified division.

However I am not able to get the "exists" type of behaviour in the SSAS Stored Procedure.

In a SSAS stored procedure, if I have two sets, how do I filter the members of the first one based on whether it is related to the members in the second set or not?

I will be very grateful, if you could help me out.